We are a company dedicated to commercialize dyes and formulate textile and water treatment auxiliares.

INQUISALVA is a Salvadoran company established in 1987 to provide effective and innovative solutions through the supply of quality products and services within the framework of corporate social responsibility, with a specialized, ethical and professional human team.

We currently participate in the markets of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, with a broad portfolio of products for the preparation, dyeing and finishing of textiles as well as products for water treatment.





We are a company committed to add value to our customers, by providing effective and innovative solutions through the supply of quality products and services in the framework of corporate social responsibility, with a specialized team of ethical and professional people.



To be the leading company in providing integral, high-value and sustainable solutions through the development and commercialization of textile auxiliaries and waste water treatment chemicals.




  • Our Love to God is above everything.
  • Our customers are important not only for being our customers, but our partners, and our success depends on their success.
  • Our people are just as important as our customers, it would be illogical to have satisfied customers with unsatisfied people.
  • We are flexible to constant changes, we cannot expect different results by always doing the same work.



  • Spirituality
  • Integrity
  • Excellece
  • Competitiveness
  • Responsability
  • Equality

Quality policy

We are a company focused to provide dyes, develop and commercialize textile auxiliaries and water treatment chemicals, committed to exceed our customers, staff and shareholder requirements, through a continuous process improvement that guarantees the quality of our products and services.


Occupational Safety Policy

Our companies look for integrity, respect, dignity, physical and mental health of our personnel through the continous improvement of our occupational risk prevention and health programs, with the partipation of all our personnel  to ensure the demands of a secure and pleasant work environment.


Environmental Policy

We are a company that strives for sustainable development, cleaner production and social responsibility; commitment that allows us to:

  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation.
  • Prevent negative environmental impacts.
  • Manage waste properly.
  • Use water, energy and resources efficiently.














Proud to be the first
chemical auxiliaries supplier,
from Latin America,
associated with the bluesign® system


Bluesign is a system that ensure the reduction or elimination of harmful substances throughout the entire production chain guaranteeing that the product is suitable for human use and minimizes the impact on the environment.

Since 2017, our company has been accredited as Bluesign System Partner so we show we are a company committed to the principles of sustainable development, clean production and corporate social responsibility.

Since the beginning, more than 30 years ago, INQUISALVA has been known for being an entrepreneurial company, with a vision to the future, focused to encourage our personnel in the importance of working under continuous improvement methodologies, thats why we got certified ISO 9001 since 2008.