We have a very experienced and professional team for color development and color matching in natural and synthetic fibers, focused to reach the specific requirements of our customers.

Our laboratory offers the following services:

  • Color development and color matching.
  • Instrumental color evaluation.
  • Process development for preparation, dyeing and finishing.
  • Special finishing application and evaluation.

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Technical support

It is a very specialized team dedicated to serve our customers in the following aspects:

  • In-plant process improvement projects that save resources like water, time and energy.
  • Problem solving for the day to day challenges of the dyehouse and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Technical training for the key people.
  • Process audits.

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Research and development

Our company is always looking for the future.  This is why we have a whole R&D team to design processes and products capable of generate value in our customers by increasing their competitiveness.

We have a laboratory equipped with high end technology, operated by a multidisciplinary highly trained and skilled team.

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