We are experts in the textile industry and we can help you improve your production processes and make them friendly to the environment


We evaluate your processes

We have a professional team with extensive experience in the development of toning matches in fibers such as: cellulose, polyester, acrylic and polyamide, seeking to meet the requirements specified by our customers.


The laboratory services provided by our company are:

  • Formulation and equalization of tones in different fibers and substrates
  • Instrumental color evaluation (spectrophotometer)
  • Dye taps
  • Evaluation of samples of different finishes in fabrics.

Make your processes more efficient

The Technical Support department is a support to the sales team and the productive processes of the clients, through:

  • Support in the optimization of plant processes to improve productivity.
  • Support to the client in technical problems that are presented in their dry cleaning and finishing processes.
  • Technical training for the staff of the plant in the part of dyeing and textile finishing.
  • Process audits to detect improvement opportunities in our customers’ plant.

Technical support is made up of a team of chemical engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in the textile industry, which generates benefits for our customers.


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