Happy to contribute to the FEDEBEIS!

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program “Apoyarse” received a recognition from the Baseball Federation for the sponsorship given to the academies “Bengoa” and “Zacamil”, also Apoyarse awarded MAYCOL PANAMEÑO for being selected the most valuable player in the children’s category ” A”; also we shared with the children and parents of the federation a day of great joy, magic, surprises, gifts, and pizza.

To Support is an honor to support the children of the Federation and generate life changes through sports.

The endless story of a can of soda.

Volunteers from our companies accompanied the children of the parvulary school José María San Martín  in Santa Tecla. Together with them and the clown Cacerola, we read the story “Alissa, the story without a can of soda” in which everyone learns the way in which aluminum is recycled.

At the end of the activity each child was given a book with the story, a play of colors and a book with pictures of the story to color; as well as a healthy snack for everyone to share with their classmates.

As a program of Corporate Social Responsibility, Support, we are grateful to our volunteers, for helping us in the preparation and development of the activity. Likewise, we are grateful to this Parvularia school for the opportunity it offers us to be able to teach their children basic aspects of recycling.

Learning Values

Apoyarse did the activity “Aprendamos Valores” with the children of the Nursery School of Antiguo Cuscatlán, This moment was full of joy and fun for the children attending and the volunteering of our companies, who represented the story “Don Gato y Don Ratón”.